John Wall Kills Behind-the-back Dunk at College Elite Open Run

North Carolina has been the high school basketball spot for some years now, producing some of the top talent in the nation year in year and out. John Wall is just one of those players. After being cut from his high school team his sophomore year, John Wall spent days and nights in the gym. He was truly a Michael Jordan story. Wall was cut from varsity team and has went on to stardom. Wall went off to Word Of God Christian Academy in Raleigh, NC after being cut.

In 2009, Wall was the nation's top high school basketball recruit according to many recruiting outlets. Wall later went off to the University of Kentucky where he played for one year after being chosen first overall in the 2010 NBA Draft by the Washington Wizards. Watch as Wall comes back to his community in the off-season to play some pickup games with some of top college and pro players of Raleigh, NC.