2014 HS Basketball Recruit: Isaac Copeland (Miller School)

6'9" Junior Power Forward Isaac Copeland is Gaining Momentum

Isaac Copeland is a name that many colleges recruiters didn't get to hear until this summer. I saac Copeland is a 6'9" class of 2014 power forwards that plays for Miller School (VA). Copeland didn't play much for his previous school, Ravenscoft (Raleigh, NC).

After last season, the junior baller still has much to prove. Although Copeland has a slim body, he has something most recruits his size lack, which is an all-around game. Copeland can play down low, and he has an excellent mid-range game. He is an absolute beast on defense and can become a really good shot blocker.

In my opinion, Copeland' his biggest strength is his ball handling and 3-point shooting for his size. Copeland has become a match up problem this summer and his 15+ college offers (Missouri, Ohio State, NC State, W. Virginia) can speak for it.

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Devin Masone (Hoops Recruiting Editor)